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OenoStyle is an educational event production firm focused exclusively on the wine segment. We create educated and brand aware wine consumers by producing events that marry traditional tastings with an educational component to "lock-in" the brand. We help our clients cut through the noise and confusion that typifies the saturated wine market and deliver a branded message embedded in a "wine education."

We also provide consulting and channel visibility to enhance share and revenue for producers, distributors, and retailers alike. The entire channel is becoming more consolidated and this is creating new challenges:

  • Boutique producers compete with each other for distributor attention and book/shelf/list visibility. OenoStyle helps small producers stay in front of distributors and reduce travel expenses by acting as a local brand manager and providing representation at local trade events.  
  • Smaller distributors must differentiate themselves in the eyes of both suppliers and retailers. OenoStyle can create an objective and educational program to highlight their capabilities to both  
  • Retailers need to maximize shelf/list opportunities. OenoStyle works with retailers and their customers to create a link between the store/restaurant, the customer, and their wine knowledge.

Market success for all three requires not only a complete understanding of the entire channel, but loyal and educated consumers. An effective education program locks a brand(s) into the wine synapse of the channel, evoking the product's name whenever that knowledge is called upon.


Upcoming Events

Hull Yacht Club Annual Wine Gala
June 11th,2010

Recent Events

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Crabtree's Kittle House
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